Weninger: A Team You Can Trust To Meet All Your Dental Needs

Remember that childhood game, Trust? Someone stood behind you and promised to catch you before you hit the ground. There was always that moment when a voice inside of you said, “What if they don’t catch me?” There’s no need for such questions at Weninger. We are committed to giving you the comfort, assurance, and trust you need.

Too many people avoid going to the dentist because they fear undue discomfort and pain or because they are embarrassed by the state of their teeth. Fear is often the result of the unknown so on your first visit we will simply sit with you and discuss what you think you want and need.

No matter your dental condition, the dentists and staff at Weninger Dentistry in Tampa, FL work to earn your trust so that you are as comfortable as possible. Here are some things you need to know about us.

Husband and Wife Dental Team

We are a husband and wife team dedicated to meeting your every dental health need.

Dr. Scott Weninger earned his bachelor’s degree from Loyola University Chicago in 2000 and his doctorate from Marquette University School of Dentistry in 2004. He has taken many continuing education courses, including those in IV conscious sedation, dental implants and cosmetic and reconstructive fillers such as BOTOX® & JUVÉDERM®.

Dr. Michelle Weninger graduated from the University of Illinois in 1999 and earned her doctorate from Marquette University School of Dentistry in 2004. Since earning her doctorate she has taken a number of continuing education courses, including those in orthodontics, sleep apnea & TMJ discomfort.

Affordable prices & honest advice

Tooth pain can be a great motivator, sometimes leading a patient to pay whatever to whomever to just make the pain go away. Dr. Mark Burhenne of Ask the Dentist, advises patients to check things out and see if the dentist is considering charges a fair market rate. We are confident after asking around you will find Weninger Dentistry has prices that are fair and affordable.

Weninger Dentistry provides a wide range of special offers that include Senior and military discounts. As to honest advise, our current patients are our best advertisement.

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Wide Variety of Services

Our many services include:

  • 3D Imaging
  • Chao Pinhole Gum Recession Treatment
  • Cracked Tooth Repair
  • Dental Bridges
  • Dental Fillings
  • Dental Implants
  • Dental Repair
  • Dental Sealants
  • Dental X-Rays
  • Dentures
  • Denture Implants
  • Denture Stabilization
  • Fluoride Treatments
  • Oral Cancer Exam
  • Periodontal Disease Treatment
  • Teeth Cleaning
  • Teeth Straightening
  • Teeth Whitening
  • TMJ Therapy
  • Wisdom Teeth Removal
  • Botox & Juvéderm
  • Sedation Dentistry

Members of the American Dental Association

The husband and wife team of Drs. Scott and Michelle Weninger are members of the American Dental Association, the Florida Dental Association & the Academy of General Dentistry. Dr. Michelle Weninger is a member of the International Association of Orthodontists and Dr. Scott Weninger is a member of the Florida Dental Society of Anesthesiology.

The husband and wife team go through regular training to stay up-to-date on the latest in dental services.