Debbie MartinezDebbie Martinez, Dental Hygienist
For 34 years, Debbie has been in the dental field…she almost can’t believe it herself! Debbie is a Tampa, FL native and truly enjoys her career. When she began thinking about her career path, Debbie first started out wanting to pursue a career in elementary education. However, she adored going to her dentist and orthodontist and thought it would be a great way to care for others. Plus she “loves smiles”. Debbie focuses on goals to improve and maintain oral health and help Weninger Dentistry’s patients as much as she can!

Debbie loves the staff at Weninger Dentistry and the variety of dental options available to patients. We’re happy she chose the dental path!

Amada LongoriaAmada Longoria, Dental Hygienist
For almost 40 years, Amada has been delivering happy smiles to the patients that she serves. Born in Cuba, Amada was most inspired by her father’s periodontist that would let her watch his cleanings when she was a young teen. Amada is thrilled that she is a vital member of a community that focuses on the health needs of each individual. She likes to be part of Weninger Dentistry because of our integrity, professionalism and desire to help our patients. We can’t help but blush & we would say the same thing about Amada.

When Amada isn’t being her motivated, caring hygienist self, you can find her seeking peace, tranquility, love and new places to travel.

Amada LongoriaAmanda Rohde, Dental Hygienist
Amanda is a Florida native who recently moved to Tampa from our friendly neighbor, Orlando! When deciding on her career, Amanda knew she wanted to be in healthcare and make a true difference in people’s lives. She came to the realization that her true calling was to help people smile proudly & we’re so grateful she did. Amanda loves being a hygienist because it gives her a sense of purpose to bond with and educate patients on their oral health to optimize their overall well being. When Amanda isn’t helping people, she is very active, loves spending time with loved ones & taking care of her pets.

Tracy SchmidlinTracy Schmidlin, Dental Assistant
Tracy, a Williamstown, New Jersey native is more than happy to be back in the dental field! Tracy was interested in a dental career ever since she was little and soon came to realize it was something she wanted to do every day of her adult life. Since working with Weninger Dentistry, she has stated that it has been the ‘missing piece’ to her puzzle and now it is complete. We are so glad she feels that way. Tracy enjoys meeting patients and working with her fabulous co-workers. She hopes to continue to grow with the practice and to help Weninger Dentistry remain ‘the best’ dental practice in Tampa.

Tracy believes that your teeth and smile are the first things that people notice about you. She is confident that the team at Weninger Dentistry will be able to help patients from the moment they walk in until the time they leave develop a beautiful smile.

Linda De La Vega, Dental Assistant
Linda, a native of Boston, Massachusetts stumbled into her passion by accident. For over 20 years, Linda has been helping patients gain a brighter smile and even greater confidence by being a dental assistant. Linda first started out in dentistry scheduling appointments. It wasn’t until her previous dental employer noted how quick of a learner she was and steered her towards her true passion of assisting. Linda is a team player who enjoys the family-friendly atmosphere that Weninger Dentistry proudly supports.

When Linda isn’t thinking about dental health, she’s dreaming of her goal of one day teaching! Linda, we support you in your endeavors and we’re glad to have you on the team. 

Chelsea MathewsChelsea Mathews, Insurance Coordinator
Chelsea is a New York native that could not be more excited about her career in the dental field. Chelsea remembers when her sister, who is also in the dental field, would come home from school and work raving about her job. Though that didn’t necessarily interest Chelsea at the time, she went on to realize that dentistry was her passion too! Chelsea keeps us organized and the office running as smoothly as possible. She keeps accounts up to date and truly enjoys working with patients.

Chelsea loves the amazing and caring staff at Weninger Dentistry! She is especially enamored with how much she is learning and looks so forward to expanding her career! We’re glad to have her!

Angela KarpinskiAngela Karpinski, Front Receptionist
Angela brings to us her midwestern charm as a native of Chicago, IL. With an insatiably curious mind & the adoration for a beautiful smile, Angela found dentistry to be her true calling. Angela loves to work with not only our knowledgeable dentists & staff, but also with our patients. When it comes to Weninger Dentistry, Angela is proud of our state-of-the-art building we happily get to serve our best customers in! When Angela isn’t working, you can find her reminding herself that she’s building a wonderful life she doesn’t need a vacation from. And we couldn’t agree more with that notion!

AlyssaAlyssa Byerly, Front Team
Alyssa was born in St. Louis, MO & sought out the sunny state of Florida as a new place to call home. Alyssa has many great qualities, one of which is being detail oriented which reflects well in the dental field where attention to detail is imperative. Alyssa’s favorite moments at Weninger Dentistry include interacting with patients, helping where she can & staying busy. She enjoys the caring nature of the team at Weninger and is always humbled by the sincerity that our team shows for each patient. As for what the future holds for Alyssa, she would like to continue learning more about the administrative side of dentistry & being even more involved with the dentists directly. Alyssa, we’re glad you chose the sunshine state as your new residence!