What Is KoR Teeth Whitening?

White, bright teeth are the sign of a healthy mouth. Many people smile more confidently when they feel beautiful, and having white teeth can help with that. At Weninger Dentistry, we want you to love your smile, so we offer KoR teeth whitening services. KoR offers many benefits that you can’t get from standard dental […]

Understand Night Guards: A Quick-Start Guide

Night guards prescribed by your dentist and custom-created for you are an excellent tool that can address many oral health concerns. Night guards can protect your teeth and jaws from the harmful effects of bruxism and also from sleep apnea if you have either of these conditions. Night Guard Science Night guards are made from […]

Thinking of Dentures? Here’s What You Need to Know

Getting dentures is a life-changing event. If you’re missing teeth, dentures can make your smile whole and improve the way you eat and talk, all at the same time. Replacing your teeth with dentures is a positive thing, especially if you’ve long struggled with unhealthy teeth and gums. Still, getting used to dentures takes time. […]

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What is Your Tongue Trying to Tell You? A Guide for Tongue Health

Did you know that your tongue can reveal important things about your health? It’s true. Studying your tongue can tell you a lot about your personal well-being, including your stress levels, oral hygiene, and chronic conditions. Below, we’ve listed some of the symptoms or changes you may notice about your tongue, and what those changes […]

Chipped or Broken Tooth? Here’s What You Should Do

A chipped tooth can be a big problem in many ways. For some people, a chip in the tooth can be a reason to feel self-conscious about their smile. For others, a chipped tooth can lead to infection. If you’ve chipped your tooth, it’s important to be examined by your dentist, even if the chip […]

Smile-Worthy Dental Facts

Your teeth get used every day for eating and drinking, but do you know much about tooth trivia? The following interesting and smile-worthy facts can impact how you take care of your teeth and how you think about your teeth. Oral Hygiene Your oral hygiene is connected to your body’s overall well-being. Infections in the […]

How to Choose the Right Dentist

Your dentist is your partner on the path to good oral health and hygiene, so finding the right professional is important. A good dental professional is someone you can count on to be thorough and skilled and to provide good patient care. How do you find the right dentist? Below are steps to take when […]

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What to Expect During First Time Dentist Visits

Dental appointments are an important part of your oral hygiene routine. It’s important to see the dentist twice annually for teeth cleaning and examination. If your first dental appointment with Weninger Dentistry is coming up soon, knowing what to expect can help make it a low-stress, pleasant experience. The professionals at Weninger Dentistry are committed […]

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Oral Health and Overall Wellness: Is There a Connection?

Poor oral health can lead to bad breath and cavities, dental infections, and gum recession. But did you know that poor oral health can also be associated with problems like cardiovascular disease and pregnancy complications? Your oral health affects many parts of your body because bacteria and infection in your mouth can spread. When this […]

6 Essential Tips for a Bright and Healthy Smile

Maintaining a bright and healthy smile is important. When you take care of your teeth, it’s easier to feel good about your smile and your appearance in general. There are many things you can do to make your smile something you feel good about. The following six tips can help. 1. Be Mindful Of Diet […]