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"Friendly, courteous and high-tech office. Dr. Scott and Dr. Michelle are professional and listen to any concerns or questions."
"What a great experience is all i can say. The staff was amazing, Dr Weninger has a great bed side manner and explained everything to me perfectly."
"I received a referral from a coworker who had nothing but great things to say. Her referral along side excellent online reviews had me feeling at ease."
"Phenomenal service. All encounters have been A1. I'm very apprehensive at the dentist and had significant work done in a way that put me at ease with full explanation of what I should expect at every turn."
"I have nothing but praises for Weninger Dentistry. Everyone on staff is super awesome. Drs. Michelle & Scott are more than super awesome and their professionalism is outstanding."
"Having experienced both Dr. Michelle and Dr. Scott, I can say I’m definitely going back. Both were kind, caring, and professional."
"The staff and dentist are all very warm and friendly. Hands down, without any doubt I recommend this dentist office. made me feel at ease."
"I've been a client for several years now. Always friendly and professional. Always give me good tips to keep my teeth and gums healthy that have made a noticeable improvement!"
"I've had the pleasure of interacting with both Dr. Michelle and Dr. Scott over the past year. They have both been fantastic."
"People can't believe I love going to the dentist, but I do!!! Rachel does a fantastic job and Danielle makes me feel like family every time I come for my appointment."
"Dr. Scott and Dr. Michelle are amazing! When I was new to the area I found them based on reviews and there's a reason everything written about them is positive."
"They were quick and professional. Called me back on a day off. Staff was excellent and pleasant. Would highly recommend them."
"Great environment, very serviceable and attentive personnel, very professional, caring and concerned dentist."
"Very professional and helpful, also willing to negotiate to find a price I could afford."
I have had cleanings, cavity fillings, and a chipped tooth repaired. Everyone is incredibly helpful, friendly, and professional. I recommend them regularly to friends and family."
"Moved to Tampa recently from Minneapolis where I had a dentist I really liked and trusted. I found Weninger Dentistry and went to my first appointment today. Great experience!"
"Thank you for being awesome at what you do and enthusiastic. Dr. Michelle has incredible bedside manner as a healthcare professional."
"It was the best dentist visit experience I've ever had. All high technology, very clean office, extremely attentive staff."
"Weninger makes the experience as pleasant as humanly possible, and always reassures me that the dental care I'm receiving is the best, the latest, the most compassionate, and the most professional."
"As of yet, my experience has been positive, because one's wait time at Weninger is very short. I commend Weninger Dentistry for being so prompt."
"I had all new upper and lower crowns put in, wanting that "Hollywood Smile". I got it. Dr's Scott and Michele are the absolute best and they're backed up by a great team of assistants and office staff."
"I've tried out a lot of dentists in the Tampa Bay area and this office is my favorite. Debbie is an awesome hygienist!"
"I am 63 years old and have visited many dentists over the year. By far the best practice I have been to."
"If you're looking for great Dentists in Tampa...Dr. Michelle and Dr. Scott Weninger are the answer to pain free dentistry!"
"Amazing!!! It was first time in a long time! They made me feel so comfortable especially Mrs. Debbie! Love the whole office!"
"Great dentists and staff here! My appointments are always on time and everyone is so friendly and knowledgeable."
"I had extensive dental treatment done by DR. Scott at Weninger dentistry. It was a great experience from start to finish."
"Both Dr. Michelle and Dr. Scott are very nice. Great family run dental office!"
"Friendly staff! Good experience."
"Super as always!"
"On-time, speedy and painless. :)"

When a permanent tooth is damaged, missing, or succumbs to decay, Weninger Dentistry can provide restoration with a strong, natural looking dental crown. These tooth crowns are one of the most effective dental solutions for restoring a tooth’s shape, size, strength, and appearance. Properly placed and cared for dental crowns are a long-lasting and trouble-free dental solution.

When you see Weninger Dentistry for your crowns, your first visit may involve preparation, with a second visit required for the actual placement. Your first appointment will include an X-ray to reveal the extent of the decay. Depending on the amount of decay involved, a root canal is sometimes necessary. The tooth is prepared for the crown by filing the biting surface and the sides, as well as the sides of the surrounding teeth. An impression is taken of the tooth and adjacent area. A temporary crown is placed to protect the prepared tooth while the dental crown is being created. At the time of the second visit, the temporary crown is removed and replaced with the permanent crown to complete the process.

While dental crowns stabilize teeth, they do not prevent tooth decay from occurring. It is still essential that teeth are brushed, flossed, and regularly checked. As with tooth care in general, it is best to avoid habits like opening things with your teeth, grinding your teeth, or chewing and biting extremely hard material such as ice. Taking precautions with your dental crowns will keep them from wearing out prematurely. Properly cared for crowns can last for many years, depending on the condition of the underlying tooth.

Let Weninger Dentistry restore your smile with beautiful, natural looking dental crowns. Contact us today!

before after photo tooth crown before after photo crown replacement