before / after dental bridge photo

In our Tampa dental office, we see tooth loss occurring from a number of issues including accident, injury, or gum disease. If you have a missing tooth, a dental bridge can be an effective and affordable solution. A dental bridge is a cement-retained appliance which creates a kind of tooth bridge that replaces the missing teeth. Not only does the tooth bridge fill the missing space, it prevents repositioning of remaining teeth, corrects an altered bite, improves chewing ability and speech articulation.

Many of our Tampa patients have found dental bridges to be a good aesthetic solution to the problem of missing teeth. The cost of a dental bridge is substantially less that the cost of an implant, making a dental bridge an affordable option for many.

The Tampa dental professionals Weninger Dentistry are skilled and experienced in developing dental bridge solutions for a wide range of patients with a variety of dental needs.

Contact our Tampa office for an appointment to learn more about dental bridges and to discuss whether or not they may be a good dental treatment option for you.

Dental Bridges