Many people feel uneasy in a dentist’s chair, have difficulty getting numb, or fear needles and drills. Weninger Dentistry helps fearful Tampa dental patients by providing IV sedation dentistry. The skill and training required for performing IV sedation are quite rare in the dental field, making Weninger Dentistry a select Tampa area IV sedation dentist, capable of administering complete relaxation for our patients. With this extremely safe procedure, your anxiety will melt away as you enter sedation that is far deeper than oral sedation. You’ll never fear a visit to the dentist again!

Only select Tampa area dentists offer IV sedation dentistry. IV sedation, or deep conscious sedation, is used by dentists with specialized training and certification. IV medications are administered directly into the blood stream, allowing the doctor to administer more medication as needed with an instantaneous effect. IV Sedation is not used commonly in most Tampa dental offices because of the specialized advanced training required and the requirements for certification by the State Board of Dentistry. Our very own, Dr. Michelle Weninger, at the Weninger Dentistry Tampa office is qualified to provide IV sedation. Advantages of IV sedation dentistry include:

  • IV sedation tends to be the preferred method for patients don’t want to be aware of the dental procedure
  • IV sedation takes affect quickly and drug dosage and level of sedation can be adjusted to meet the individual’s needs
  • The maximum level of sedation that can be reached with IV is deeper than with oral sedation

We are experienced in both IV sedation and oral sedation dentistry. Our Tampa dental team will help you determine which dental sedation option is the right one for you.

Let Weninger Dentistry show you how easy dental procedures can be with comfortable sedation dentistry. We’ll help you get the dental treatment you need and wake up to a healthy, more beautiful smile. Contact our Tampa office today!