When you have a dental emergency, Weninger Dentistry offers you many effective and affordable dental treatment options. We will provide a complete evaluation of the situation and advise you on the best dental treatment options for your specific issue.

Fillings or Bonding Dental Repair

Fillings are often used for dental repair done on back teeth, however, dental bonding may be a better choice for teeth that are located in the front. For bonding dental repair, a tooth-colored resin is used, so this type of repair will be less visible than a filling. In many cases, numbing is not required for bonding, and the repair can be done very quickly. Ultraviolet light is used to set the material so that the repaired tooth can be used almost immediately.

Dental Repair with Crowns

If the tooth happens to have a lot of decay, the best dental repair option is often to clear out  the decay and put a cap or crown, over the remaining tooth. The crown is made to look like a normal tooth and protects what remains of the natural tooth. Crowns can be made of metal, porcelain-coated metal, resin or ceramic material.

Dental Repair with Enamel Shaping

One of the easiest dental repair procedures is dental shaping. A portion of the remaining tooth is smoothed down and the surface is contoured to provide stability as well as a pleasing appearance. Enamel shaping is ideal for addressing small cracks, chips and imperfections.

Dental Repair with Veneers

Often used on front teeth, dental veneers are thin layers of porcelain that cover the entire front surface of the tooth. Veneers work well to cover damaged or discolored teeth to give them a more natural appearance.

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