My experience at Weninger Dentistry was amazing. The staff was so warm, friendly and very helpful. I also felt right at home with each procedure which was done. I would definitely recommend their services to anyone.” – C.M.

When I first came to Scott it was for a repair of a loose bridge between two front teeth…The repair took some time and several visits… Scott was very patient and answered my questions… I cannot thank Scott and his staff enough for the improvement they made in my life.” – C. H.

I had extensive dental treatment done by Dr. Scott at Weninger Dentistry. It was a great experience from start to finish. The staff is very courteous & kind, Dr. Scott took time to explain all the phases & answers all my questions, the results look great and I’m so happy. Thank you so much, Dr. Scott.” – S.H., Google Reviewer

Everyone knows that visits to the Dentist aren’t fun. However, they can be professional, prompt, and enriching. Thanks for everything you do to make my family’s dentistry needs something we can look forward to doing.” – C.B.

My dad was a dentist & I worked in his office when I was a student. He was an exceptional dentist (not just my opinion) so I know what to look for!!! Dr. Scott is honestly the best dentist (well, I love my dad… so that is not included) I have ever been to. Always the most dreaded part is that “shot” … He is fantastic! The cheek side one was actually painless & even the tough “tongue” side was very well done!! (btw, my dad was painless also… people flew back from Great Britain,etc. to go to him as their dentist!) The best part about Dr. Scott is his laugh. He loves what he is doing & has the best rapport of any dentist! His patients would never realize how stressful dentistry is… you have to be a perfectionist.” – L.S.

Michelle is an amazing dentist. She explains the procedure which I love and she is very nice and friendly. I like that I feel comfortable asking her questions, she is very knowledgeable, and she is very talented. I had my filling done today and I had a new patient cleaning before today. During my cleaning, she took several pictures of my entire mouth. I like the equipment they use that shows me my teeth and she educates me on what everything means. She took the time to floss my teeth flawlessly, she always provides me Listerine after my visit, and she used Vaseline for my lips so they didn’t get dry during my filling. She has great technique, asks me if I’m okay or if I need a blanket for the colder room.” – D.M.

I was always hesitating about going to the dentist. My experience at your office was a good experience. You made me feel very comfortable right away. You explained everything you had to do in a way that I understood. Your assistant was very caring. You made me feel like I was like a member of the family and not just like another patient occupying another seat.” – E.P.

This was my first visit to the office since the change in the dentist and the staff. I didn’t have a long wait before seeing the dentist. After the taking of the ex-rays, the doctor explained the results of the ex-rays and the work that would be required. After that a member of the staff went over the cost of the procedures. Everything was done in a very timely manner. The staff was also very friendly.” – T.H.

I had teeth cleaned today, and Debbie the dental hygienist who cleaned my teeth, was very nice, quick and competent — with a good sense of humor. She also gave me some good instruction about taking care of my teeth. This was my third visit in a year and a half or so, and I have never had to wait for my appointment. I recommend Weninger Dentistry to my friends.” – S.F.

I’m very, very pleased on you service! I think we all know that going to the dentist is not a pleasant experience but it is a most.. But my visits to Weninger Dentistry has been a “pleasant” experience because of all the staff and the excellent care they give. Thank you!!” – Anonymous

Weninger Dentistry is really professional in every way I can bring to mind. Extremely personable Dr. Scott is just the apex of a fantastic staff. Great ongoing communication between team members during procedures, fantastic equipment and highly- skilled use of it, wonderful manner(s) with patient(s), and attention to human nature, patient explanations and circumstances. Thank you, each.” – G.W.

I chose Weninger Dentistry based on their amazing reviews and I was certainly not disappointed! The visit was fantastic. I am certainly not a good dental “student” and have a lot of anxiety when it comes to going to the Dentist. The entire office did a wonderful job of making you feel right at home. They explained everything they were doing and were very cognizant of your comfort level. I would absolutely recommend this practice to anyone in the Tampa area looking for a top of the notch dental practice!” – H.H.