Save time! Download our patient forms online, complete them prior to your appointment, and we will provide you with an encrypted email link to send all completed forms prior to your appointment.

New Patients
New Dental Insurance
Existing Patients
Instructions for emailing documents/forms through ProtectedTrust:

After filling out the necessary forms from our website, please save the forms onto your device. Our office will send you an email link to sign up to use “ProtectedTrust” through your personal email you provide.

Please email all documents using “ProtectedTrust” to (opens in new tab) with Subject Line = “Your last name & Appointment Date”

1. You will receive an invitation from ProtectedTrust
2. When you open the attachment, click “Accept Invitation”
3. Fill in necessary information
4. Press “Verify Phone” blue button in middle of page
5. After entering the code that was either sent as text or phone call, you will be at the home screen for ProtectedTrust
6. Click “Compose Secure Message” at top left, attached all saved documents
7. Type In To : “” (opens in new tab)
8. Type In Subject Line: “Your last name & Appointment Date”
9. Click “Send” at top left corner

New Check In Procedure

Review our new check in procedure prior to your appointment.
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