Get The Smile You’ve Always Wanted in Hours

Weninger Dentistry is excited to offer our patients the benefits of TeethXpress.

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TeethXpress is a full mouth dental implant procedure that makes it possible to enjoy a complete set of beautiful, new teeth in as little as a few short hours. Ready for even more good news? TeethXpress is more affordable than most people think.

Many people with dental issues are candidates for TeethXpress.

  • Are you missing one or multiple teeth?
  • Do you require the use of removable dentures or bridgework?
  • Do you struggle with loose fitting dentures?
  • Do you have difficulty eating certain foods?
  • Are you reluctant to smile in public?

TeethXpress could be the life-changing answer you’ve been looking for.

About the TeethXpress Procedure

For those who are candidates for this innovative procedure, a complete set of new teeth can be placed on four, five, or six dental implants, usually in one day. Temporary or minor discomfort may be expected, and pain relievers will be prescribed if necessary. A soft diet is often advised during the initial healing phase.

Following the setting of the implants, there is a healing period of about four months, during which time the bone heals around the implants. During this phase, a temporary, screw retained denture is placed on the implant posts. For this initial healing period, the use of a medicated mouthwash is often recommended. The use of a slow-speed water pick may be recommended at some point.

Though dental implants do not decay like natural teeth, it is important to preserve the implant’s connection to bone with proper oral hygiene. Following the recommended oral hygiene regimen will help keep your mouth healthy and improve your ability to maintain your dental implants for a lifetime.

Don’t wait another day to enjoy a boost in self-confidence and the ability to eat the healthy foods you love! Contact us to learn more about the TeethXpress method.

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