Dentures provide an effective and aesthetically pleasing dental solution for patients who have experienced extreme tooth-loss and/or decay. Unfortunately, denture slippage is a common problem, especially with the lower denture, making eating certain foods or even speaking a challenge.

Weninger Dentistry offers a solution to this problem with denture stabilization. Denture stabilization involves a denture implant system that secures either the upper, lower or both dentures for optimal comfort and confidence. Denture stabilization benefits include:

  • Eating and speaking with confidence
  • Ability to eat a wider range of nutritional foods
  • Eliminates need for denture adhesives or pastes
  • Enhanced bone retention and other oral health benefits

The denture stabilization system is comprised of two to multiple titanium posts, which are inserted into the jaw bone and serve much the same function as a natural tooth root. A retaining fixture that secures onto the head of the posts is added to the base of the denture.

Denture stabilization is a simple procedure, which can often be performed in one visit. The implants are quickly and easily placed in our office typically in a one-step procedure, and usually does not require a lengthy healing period.

If you are experiencing denture problems and would like to learn more about denture stabilization, contact Weninger Dentistry today.