Weninger Dentistry puts a high priority on providing patients who come to our Tampa dental office with the best dental care possible. For us this means investing in the absolute best dental technology available. Our newest investment in that commitment is our CS 8100 3D Dental Imaging System.

Representing the newest advances in dental care technology, 2D/3D imaging offers many advantages including:

  • True-To-Life Vision – 2D/3D imaging provides a more accurate picture of teeth, without distortion, overlap, or misinterpretation.
  • Faster & More Accurate Diagnosis – 2D/3D imaging allows our dental team to evaluate and assess each patient situation more efficiently with a more comprehensive picture.
  • Expanded Capabilities – 2D/3D imaging can not only be used in routine procedures, but also more complex services such as molar removal, pre-surgical planning and more.
  • Better Patient Communication – 2D/3D imaging helps us to inform and educate our patients about their diagnoses, so they can make educated decisions about their care.
  • Faster Appointments – 2D/3D imaging allows us to reduce patient wait time by providing faster images than older technology.

An important advancement for safety and dental health, 3D Imaging aids in implant placement and viewing critical anatomic aspects of the jaw during complex dental procedures. The acquisition of the CS 8100 3D imaging system allows us to provide our patients with the highest level of quality care.

You can trust Weninger Dentistry to provide you and your loved ones with the best dental care available in Tampa. Our commitment to maintaining the most advanced technology and treatment options is matched only by our dedication to always providing quality, caring personal service.

Our 3D Imaging Equipment

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