When many teeth must be replaced due to severe decay or damage, dental implants may be costprohibitive. Dentures are often a more affordable solution for replacing multiple missing teeth. Dentures can, however, have the disadvantage of being more complicated to maintain. They also tend to become loose over time, and require regular adjustment. There is an alternative that combines the best benefits of both implants and dentures – denture implants.

Denture implants, also referred to as fixed dentures, or overdenture implants, are being used more and more as an effective and affordable way to address major tooth loss. Denture implants consist of four permanent, screw-retained implants that can support a complete upper or lower denture. Denture implants require fewer implants, so overall treatment time and cost are reduced. Since fewer implants are needed, the denture implant procedure is also a great option for patients with significant tooth loss or decay, and whose bone loss in the jaw is extensive.

For most patients, a temporary set of teeth can be placed on the day surgery is performed. This means that patients can resume normal activities immediately after the procedure. A short period is allowed for full healing to occur, and then the final bridge is placed. Patients are pleased to enjoy full dental function, and are able to eat, laugh, and smile renewed confidence.

Denture implants permanently stabilize dentures, so dentures are no longer removed every night. Patients will find care of their dentures as simple as normal brushing. Also, the denture adjustments that are typically required over time due to bone loss in the jaw are no longer needed. This is because the denture implants have a stabilizing effect in the jawbone.

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