Drs. Michelle and Scott Weninger pride themselves in quality work and excellent care. Please check out our untouched, before & after photos of Weninger Dentistry patients. For more information regarding these procedures, contact us today.

before after photos bridge
The patient has crowns on most of her maxillary anterior teeth. On tooth #10 (left lateral tooth). She developed a large apical abcess which rendered that tooth non-restorable since it already had had a root canal and post. This patient did not want an implant but also did not want a removable prosthetic. She elected to go with a cement retained 3-unit bridge. We extracted tooth #10 and the patient was given a 3-unit temporary bridge for eight weeks while the extraction site healed and remodeled. We then made the patient her final bridge. An added bonus was that it helped take care of the roots that were exposed due to recession on her original crowns and had decreased the aesthetics in the area.

before and after photo tooth bonding
Patient was unhappy with the space between her two front teeth. She elected to have cosmetic bonding done to close the space.

before and after photo replaced crown
Patient had a large composite on the right front tooth. It was done years ago and he never cared for the color match and shape. He elected to have a crown done to improve the overall shape and color to better match the adjacent tooth.

before and after photo tooth crown replacement
Patient fractured off a portion of his front left tooth. A crown was done to rebuild and strengthen the fractured tooth to improve cosmetics and function.