Weninger has treated many patients in the Tampa area in need of wisdom teeth removal. Wisdom teeth are actually third molars that develop in older teens and young adults. The jawbone is typically not large enough to accommodate these additional molars, so wisdom teeth can create serious issues such as overcrowding or damage to adjacent teeth. Wisdom tooth complications can also lead to jawbone or nerve damage. While it used to be common practice to leave wisdom teeth alone until they became visible over the gum, it is now recognized that both emerged and impacted wisdom teeth can cause persistent problems, and it is best to treat them as soon as possible.

The removal of wisdom teeth, particularly those which have not yet emerged, requires specific surgical expertise. As highly experienced Tampa area experts in oral surgery and sedation dentistry, the Weninger dental team offers a variety of sedation techniques, and will recommend the right method based on the patient needs and the nature of the extraction. The wisdom teeth are often removed in one visit to our Tampa office.

At Weninger Dentistry, we understand you may have fears or concerns associated with getting your wisdom teeth removed. We will provide you with gentle treatment and care you deserve. Our friendly and caring staff walk you through each step of the wisdom teeth removal process to maximize your comfort level—from your first examination through your complete recovery.

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