Ebook: crowns or veneers?Oftentimes, people can lack self esteem and confidence due to an imperfect smile. Fortunately, there are more options than ever before for those who wish to improve their appearance with whiter, straighter, and better shaped teeth.

Crowns and veneers are two popular cosmetic options for restoring teeth affected by breaks, fractures, or even decay. While crowns and veneers are both great options, they are unique procedures with different advantages and drawbacks. For some, crowns may be ideal, and for others veneers may be a much better choice, depending on individual considerations and needs.

The purpose of this guide is to acquaint readers with both crowns and veneers as cosmetic dentistry options. Questions answered include:

  • What are Crowns?
  • What is Involved with Getting a Crown?
  • What are Veneers?
  • What is Involved with Getting a Veneer?
  • How Do Crowns and Veneers Compare?
  • What Should I Discuss with My Dentist?

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