Which Preventive Dental Service is Right for Me?

Just like it’s important to visit the doctor for a checkup, it’s important to get preventive dental services. Taking care of your teeth and gums protects your overall health and helps you avoid unpleasant oral health problems that are pricey to fix. Start with these preventive dental health services.

Benefits of Preventive Dental Services

Your mouth is a breeding ground for bacteria. By removing the bad bacteria, you can boost immunity, reduce your risk of oral health problems, such as gingivitis, and lower your chances of developing secondary diseases, such as diabetes or heart disease.

As they say, health is wealth. That’s true with dental health, because it costs far less to prevent gum disease or fillings than to treat these conditions.

Now that you’re convinced, find out how often you should schedule common preventive dental services.


X-rays provide a comprehensive picture of your oral health. Our dentist might take:

  • Bitewing X-rays – These x-rays show decay on the back molars
  • Periapical X-rays – These x-rays provide close detail of a couple teeth from crown to root, so we can check tooth health
  • Occlusal X-rays – We use these x-rays to check how children’s teeth are coming in
  • Full mouth x-rays – These x-rays show us all of your teeth and your jawbones

While each type of x-rays shows a different snapshot of your teeth, the overall purpose remains the same: To highlight structural flaws and cavities, so we can treat them.

We recommend one full set of x-rays every one to three years and bitewing x-rays once per year. We suggest periapical x-rays on an as-needed basis, typically if we suspect there’s a problem with one of your teeth.

Dental Exams and Cleanings

These are the foundation of oral health. We recommend twice per year, typically every 6 months. A dental exam checks the overall health of your teeth and gums. This is where we might diagnose a cavity. Dental cleaning removes the buildup of plaque and tartar to promote oral health. Our dental hygienists will polish your teeth and give a professional flossing. Dental exams and cleanings end with personalized oral hygiene suggestions. If you’re at risk of gum disease, say, we’ll warn you what to look for and demonstrate proper flossing.

Fluoride Treatments

If you are at high risk of developing cavities, fluoride treatments are essential. These treatments provide significantly more fluoride than your drinking water or toothpaste, which makes them an efficient way of preventing cavities and keeping teeth strong and healthy.

Our dentist will apply a concentrated fluoride gel or foam to your teeth. The fluoride is then absorbed by your teeth over the next 30 minutes, so you can’t eat or drink right away.

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