What to Expect When You Get Dentures

Dentures can help restore a healthy smile for those who have lost one or more teeth due to gum disease or oral trauma. However, there is an adjustment period when it comes to wearing dentures. Knowing what to expect ahead of time can ease the adjustment period. Here are four things to expect when you get dentures.

1. It can be difficult to eat

Eating with dentures is different from eating with your natural teeth. Your teeth and the dentures feel differently where they touch your palate. Chewing can be particularly strange during the adjustment period.

To ease into eating with dentures, practice biting and chewing at home. Eat slowly and take small bites until it feels more familiar.

2. It can be difficult to talk

Not only is eating different, so is talking. When first wearing dentures, many people talk with a lisp. This occurs because of the way the dentures sit against the lips and tongue, which are used during speaking. While you may feel self-conscious about wearing dentures, the best way to reduce the effect on your speech is to practice talking. Talk to your family or friends or consider reading a book out loud to train your mouth to speak around the dentures.

3. You’ll need to keep them clean

Just as you clean your teeth every day, you’ll need to clean those dentures. Otherwise, plaque can build up on dentures and cause bad breath or food particles can stain your dentures. Our Tampa dentist will demonstrate the right way to brush and care for dentures, so you know exactly what to do to preserve the life span of your dental restoration work. In addition to keeping your dentures clean by brushing, you’ll need to continue to visit our dental clinic for hygiene appointments and teeth cleaning. This allows us to protect your oral health.

4. Dentures can slip

Dentures should fit well and stay in place, so they do not move while you talk or eat. However, in some cases the dentures can slip. Many people say they feel dentures slip when they sneeze or cough, or even when they smile. Practice biting down on the dentures if you feel them slip. This will push them back into alignment.

Most of our patients say they adjust to wearing their dentures in one or two weeks. While everyone is different, knowing what to expect is the first step toward feeling comfortable when wearing your dentures. As we fit you for dentures, we encourage you to ask any questions you have to feel comfortable adjusting to and caring for your dentures. If you experience any problems after the initial fitting, we are still here as a resource. To learn more about dentures, or to reserve an appointment for dental restoration services, please contact us today.

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