The Many Benefits of Teeth Straightening

Are you living with crooked or crowded teeth? You don’t have to. Traditional braces and clear aligners are tools that can straighten your teeth and restore your smile. There are many reasons to get your teeth straightened. Below, we’ll discuss how and why you should consider orthodontic services for your teeth.

More Confidence in Your Smile

Crooked teeth can easily make you feel self-conscious about your smile, but you don’t have to feel this way. Once your teeth are straight, you’ll be able to smile at others with confidence. Having a confident smile can impact your personal and professional relationships, and can even impact your career.

Makes Your Oral Hygiene Routine Easier

Crooked teeth overlap each other, creating pockets of space where the floss and toothbrush can’t easily clean. This can increase your chances of cavities and other problems. Straightening your teeth makes your oral hygiene routine easier, and can thus prevent problems like cavities and gum disease.

Improved Speech and Pronunciation

The placement of your teeth has a significant impact on your speech and pronunciation. When your teeth are crooked, you may develop a natural lisp or may find yourself unable to pronounce certain blended sounds. For children, problems with speech and pronunciation can impact literacy and vocabulary skills.

If you’re an adult, you may find yourself feeling self-conscious talking to others in a professional or personal capacity. You may also avoid saying certain words, which can in turn lead to miscommunications.

Less Neck and Jaw Pain

Your tooth alignment affects the way you chew and the configuration of your jaw, which in turn can impact the muscles in your face and neck. If you experience neck and jaw pain, this could be due to misalignment in your teeth. Talk to your dentist to find out if straightening your teeth could help.

How We Straighten Teeth at Weninger Dentistry

The team at Weninger Dentistry uses two different methods to straighten teeth, including:


EZ-Align clear aligners are made of clear plastic. Each aligner arch fits over an arch of the teeth and gently pushes the teeth into the proper configuration. The arches are replaced every two weeks with a slightly new configuration until the teeth have been put in the proper place.

Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles clear brackets and tooth-colored wires are nearly as subtle as EZ-Align clear aligners. These braces can correct tooth alignment in just six short months.

Not sure which type of dental tool is right for you? Talk to your dentist at Weninger Dentistry.

It’s Not Too Late to Get Your Teeth Straightened

If you’re interested in getting your teeth straightened, make an appointment with your Tampa dentist to find out more about our teeth straightening services. Contact Weninger Dentistry to get started.