Dental Implants & How Crucial Teeth Replacement Really Is

If your teeth are missing or damaged, you may have considered replacing them for cosmetic reasons. But did you know there are medical reasons to consider replacing damaged teeth with dental implants? Learn what dental implants are and how they benefit you.

What is a Dental implant?

Dental implants are replacements for your natural teeth. Unlike other forms of teeth replacement, implants screw into your jaw bone and crowns are inserted over the implants. This is beneficial, because it allows the implants to fully bond with the jaw for maximum stability.

What this means is simple: You can do everything you would normally do without worry about the implants falling out. Go ahead, bite into that sticky caramel apple, smile and laugh, and live life on your terms with long-lasting dental implants. Unlike other dental treatments (such as dentures), the implants will never slip or fall out of place. There’s no worry about taking them out, putting them in, or forgetting them in a hotel room.

Aside from the convenience factor, dental implants are the best and the safest way to fill in gaps in your mouth and protect your gum and jaw health.

Why Replace Damaged Teeth?


For some patients, who feel self-conscious about their smiles, appearance is the top reason they want dental implants. Teeth that are chipped, cracked, decayed, or missing can affect the appearance of a natural smile. Some people may go to great lengths to hide their smile or worry that they come off as unfriendly from a lack of natural smile. The good news is, dental implants last a long time (decades, with good care) and can restore the appearance of a healthy smile.

Oral Health

You may not think about it, but your teeth protect your gums and jaws. They act as a barrier. If you lose teeth and do not replace them, your jawbone can begin to deteriorate causing serious health problems. Dental implants not only fill in the gap to protect your jawbone but stimulate bone growth and deter bone loss.


Other treatments, such as dentures or bridges, can be painful: With a bridge, we have to grind down your adjacent teeth to ensure a perfect fit. Dental implants are far easier to install, thus the initial treatment is as comfortable as can be. With our sedation dentistry techniques, the installation is even easier. Since dental implants are fit to your mouth, they’re so comfortable you won’t know the difference! Compare dental implants to other treatments and you’ll understand that the low-maintenance implant is far preferable to something that isn’t permanent, such as dentures.

How Weninger Dentistry Can Help

At Weninger Dentistry, we offer other standard and mini dental implants. Let us evaluate your mouth, then recommend the best type of implant for your needs. When it’s time to fit the implant, our sedation dentistry techniques will keep you comfortable throughout. Learn more or schedule an appointment by calling 813-501-6864.