Reasons to Share Your Smiles this Holiday Season

This holiday season, when you visit relatives, friends and loved ones, share your smile with them! Smiling spreads good feelings with those around you, and also can create feelings of happiness for you personally. We’ve listed several things that happen when you smile at others, and tips for loving your smile this holiday season.

Spreads Happiness to Those Around You

Sharing your smile spreads happiness to people around you. By showing that you’re happy, you can make others happy as well. After all, you’re in the presence of people who love you, and they feel better about how things are going when you express and display happiness. They want you to feel good!

Smiling Is Contagious

When you smile at others, they feel the need to smile back. It’s a natural social instinct. Smiling can spread happiness to other people in the room, simply by creating a circumstance that encourages them to smile themselves. Ever notice the way you feel a little better when you smile? Well, you want to spread that feeling to others, don’t you? By smiling, you can make that happen to other people!

Displays Kindness

Smiling is a social cue that shows kindness. When you smile at other people in the room, you show them your kinder side. What better time to show kindness to friends and loved ones than at a holiday event?

Tips for Loving Your Smile

You deserve to love your smile, and you can make that happen. There are many things you can do to love the way you smile.

Practice Smiling

Stand in front of a mirror and smile at your reflection. Start with a big, broad smile that shows your teeth. Next, give a small smile that hides your teeth and shows only your lips. Finally, try displaying a smile that shows an in-between state, with your teeth showing a little. Which smile do you like best?

Practice this smile in front of the mirror several times until you feel comfortable showing this smile to others without looking at the smile in the mirror.

Teeth Whitening

Are your teeth as white as you wish them to be? If not, then professional teeth whitening services can help. Get your teeth professionally whitened by your dentist.

At Weninger Dentistry, we offer professional teeth whitening services to make your teeth whiter and brighter. Our long-lasting teeth whitening procedure can turn your teeth several shades whiter than they already are.

Teeth Straightening

Crooked, crowded teeth can make many people feel self-conscious about the way they smile. If you don’t feel good about the way your smile looks, contact your dentist at Weninger Dentistry. We provide several orthodontic procedures that can help straighten your teeth.

Need Teeth Whitening or Straightening? Make An Appointment.

If you’re unhappy with the appearance of your smile, call Weninger Dentistry in Tampa to make an appointment. We can examine your teeth and discuss options at your next appointment.