What Is the Process of Dental Fillings?

So, you’re experiencing some pain and might have a cavity. It’s natural to want to know more about dental fillings. At Weninger Dentistry, we offer a range of dental filling options to our patients, and we’re happy to answer any questions about the dental filling process. Here’s what you need to know. Dental Material Options […]

Benefits of Regular 3D Imaging

When you want to know if there’s a problem with your teeth, you go to the dentist for an examination. Unfortunately, your dentist can’t see everything that’s going on in your mouth. Not all dental problems appear above the gums, in plain sight. Some problems, like certain diseases, or the growth of a crooked wisdom […]

What Happens to Your Teeth When You Skip the Dentist

Most dental professionals recommend seeing the dentist every six months for a dental exam and professional teeth cleaning. Skipping trips to the dentist can have negative consequences for your oral hygiene as well as the appearance of your teeth. It’s important to know what happens to your teeth if you skip trips to the dentist. […]

Why Your Gums Bleed

Gums bleed sometimes. When this happens, it can be troubling, especially if you don’t know why it’s happening. Knowing the reasons why gums bleed and what you can do about it can help you take care of your teeth. What’s important to know is that gums shouldn’t bleed. If your gums bleed from time to […]

Do You Have a Quality Dentist?

Do you have a quality dentist? If not you should – you deserve one! A good dentist cares about their patients and their dental practice. You’ll be able to see evidence of this every time you visit your dental practice. Evidence of a good dental practice can be seen in details like the cleanliness of […]

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How Genetics Affect Your Oral Health

Eye color, hair color, body shape, and stature size – genetics can impact so much. Did you know that your genetics can even impact your oral health? It’s true! You’ve inherited your ability to fight off infection and maintain clean teeth from your parents, grandparents, and other ancestors. We’re here to discuss how your genetics […]

4 Reasons Why You May Be Afraid of the Dentist

Many people feel anxious when they go to the dentist. If you have this problem, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, for some people, dental anxiety can prevent them from seeing the dentist when they need to go. Identifying why you feel anxious around the dentist is a first step toward reducing your anxiety and making your […]

How Change of Season Can Affect Your Oral Health

You may have noticed that your teeth feel and function differently at different times of the year. Changing seasons can impact your oral health in some surprising ways. This article will help you anticipate the changes that you’ll experience, and will also help you decide when it’s time to make an appointment with the dentist. […]

4 Ways to Feel Confident with Your Smile

You deserve to have confidence in your smile. Your smile is your expression of happiness, delight, and pleasure. It’s also the expression you wear when you see people you know and like. It’s important to feel comfortable when smiling. If you currently lack confidence in your smile, there are several things you can do to […]

Best Age to Start Preventative Botox

Are you concerned about your personal appearance? Do you want to prevent worry lines from creasing your face in a few short years? Then you may be a good candidate for preventative Botox. Botox is a tried and true product that has been used by celebrities and everyday men and women who want to love […]