Myths About Cosmetic Dental Work

If you feel self-conscious about your teeth, you may need cosmetic dental work. There are a lot of myths that surround the topic of cosmetic dentistry. Learn what’s true and what’s a misperception so you have a better understanding of what treatments will help your smile.

1. Dental Whitening Kits are Just as Effective as Whitening Treatments

At-home whitening kits seem convenient, but have you ever tried using them? Too many people give up partway through treatment because they don’t like using the kits every night. What’s more, the results aren’t great. Rather than spend so much time on a treatment that’s not effective, visit our dental clinic for a whitening treatment that will last.

2. Cosmetic Dentistry is Painful

Even if you think you may need cosmetic dentistry, are you avoiding scheduling an appointment because you think it’s going to hurt?

While some aspects of dental visits are painful, cosmetic dental visits are different. Many cosmetic procedures are minimally invasive. You won’t experience a painful visit and you won’t have a sensitive mouth for days after. For those procedures that are more invasive, we offer sedation, which means that you won’t feel a thing.

3. Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures are Expensive

Cost is one of those excuses people make for putting off cosmetic dentistry. There is a misperception that cosmetic dental procedures are pricey, and thus unaffordable.

In reality, the dental work you need may cost far less than you anticipate. You may qualify for financing, which can bring down the cost of cosmetic dental services so you can afford the work you need.

What’s more, you can use your dental benefits for services. Benefits are use it or lose it by the end of the year. Why leave money on the table when you could put it to work to get the treatment you need, like new veneers or inlays?

4. Your Smile Will Look Fake After Treatment

Some people fear that cosmetic dental treatments change their natural smile by making their teeth look fake. Cosmetic dentistry is not like cosmetic surgery, where everyone can tell that you got work done. After a cosmetic dental treatment, your smile will still look like your unique smile — only improved.

At Weninger Dentistry, we create custom inlays and veneers to fit your mouth, using your teeth as models. When we fit the veneer or inlay, we blend it with your existing teeth for an invisible fit.

5. Cosmetic Dentistry is Just That – Cosmetic

While many patients are attracted to the cosmetic treatments for their appearance, these services protect oral health, too. Cosmetic treatments can prevent structural problems from bone loss to loose teeth and gum disease.

Visit Our Cosmetic Dental Clinic

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