How to Choose the Right Dentist

Your dentist is your partner on the path to good oral health and hygiene, so finding the right professional is important. A good dental professional is someone you can count on to be thorough and skilled and to provide good patient care.

How do you find the right dentist? Below are steps to take when looking for someone that you can trust to take care of your teeth.

Ask Around First

If you have friends and family in the area, talk to them about their dentist. You can also check with a healthcare provider and, in some cases, your current dentist can make a referral. When you’re getting recommendations, ask questions.

  • Why do you recommend this dentist?
  • How long have you been with this dentist?
  • What is your experience of scheduling appointments with this dentist – do they often have availability?
  • Is the office staff polite?
  • Is the office itself clean and comfortable?

Asking questions can help you get a sense of the overall experience working with this dentist, and can help you decide if this dentist will meet your specific needs.

See If You’re Covered

If you have dental insurance, one of your main priorities should be finding out whether the dental professional you’re considering will accept your insurance. Call the dental office to learn more. If you have any specific procedures coming up, find out how much those procedures will cost.

If you don’t have insurance, then you’ll want to find out how much the dentist costs without insurance. Do they offer payment plans for costly procedures? Are there opportunities to save on routine procedures?

Research Their Practice

Next, look online for reviews about the dental office that you’re considering. Look for patterns in patient experiences.

Keep in mind that you can also request credentials from the dentist. Look on their website for information about their experience and education. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, call their office to learn more. Find out if the dentist is a member of the American Dental Association, and whether they have a history of malpractice claims.

Plan an In-Person Visit

Plan an in-person visit with the dentist you’re considering. You can either schedule a trial appointment, or you can come to observe that dentist in their every day interactions with patients. Some offices will provide tours for potential patients. Call the office in advance to schedule a tour. Here’s what to watch for:

  • Is the office clean?
  • Does the dentist and staff wear proper protective equipment?
  • Is the office stocked with modern equipment? Is the equipment in good condition?
  • Do patients seem happy and comfortable in the office?
  • Does the office staff treat patients with respect?
  • Is the waiting area comfortable?
  • Is the parking situation convenient?

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