Four Reasons to Smile Daily

Smiling is good for you! This small action can improve your mood, brighten your day, make a difference to others, and more. It’s important to have confidence in your smile and to do what you can to make your smile as beautiful as possible. At Weninger Dentistry, we help our patients love their smiles. Here’s why we think your smile is so important:

1. Smiling Reduces Stress

Have you ever noticed the way smiling makes you feel better when you’re feeling stressed? You’re not the only person who has this reaction to smiling. The next time you’re feeling sad about something, try smiling. You’ll start to see the bright side of your problem, and will eventually start to feel better.

2. Smiling Lifts Your Mood & Helps You Stay Positive

If you’ve ever been depressed about a problem, you may have noticed that smiling can make you happier. This is the same phenomenon that can reduce stress when you’re feeling it. Make a point of smiling to yourself when you feel your mood slipping. See what it can do to improve your outlook!

3. Smiling is Contagious

Smiling doesn’t just lift your mood – it can also lift the mood of others. If you’re in a tough situation with other people, you’d be amazed how much smiling can make your situation better overall. This is especially important if you’re a member of a team, a manager in a tough work situation, or a coach. Get in the habit of smiling to help show others that everything is going to be ok!

4. Smiling Makes You Appear Attractive

Smiling makes you beautiful. This is why we smile in job interviews, and why we smile for the camera! Smiling makes us appear attractive to others. This is why we try to make our smiles as beautiful as possible – with straight white teeth to boot.

Invest In Your Oral Health

Your smile is one of your greatest assets! You can smile confidently by investing in your oral health. Get your teeth straightened with help from the experts in Dr. Weninger’s office. To find out more about teeth straightening and other procedures that can help you brighten your smile, call Weninger Dentistry to make an appointment.