Fix Loose Dentures for Good with Denture Stabilization

A common complaint we hear from the denture-wearing patients we see in our Tampa dental office is loose dentures. Not only are they an annoyance, loose dentures can affect speech and impede the wearer’s ability to eat a healthy diet. While creams and pastes are touted as a fix for the problem, these products provide a very short-term solution at best.

The good news is that there actually is an effective and permanent solution to the problem of loose dentures. Denture implants secure dentures to the gum and jaw, restoring oral comfort and function.

The primary cause of loose dentures is related to the on-going bone loss in the upper and lower jaws, which occurs as people age. In most cases, denture realignment required every three to five years to make adjustments and make accommodation for changes in the jaw. Denture implants offer an alternative, as a means for stabilizing dentures while also preserving jaw bone health. Denture implants also simplify denture maintenance since dentures fit securely to the denture implants without the need for daily removal. Normal brushing, as would be done with natural teeth, is typically all that is required.

Denture implants consist of four permanent, screw-retained implants, which support the full upper or lower denture. This approach is highly beneficial for denture candidates with serious tooth loss or decay, and whose bone loss in the jaw is an issue, since fewer implants are required. Lower cost is also an advantage, because fewer implants are required. Since for most patients, a temporary denture can be placed on the same day of surgery, patients may resume normal activities right away after surgery. A brief healing period is required before the final bridge is placed.

Weninger Dentistry is helping Tampa denture wearers achieve stability with denture implants. Quality of life is restored, and patients enjoy full denture functioning with renewed confidence.

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