EZ-Align: Custom Series of Aligners

Straight teeth are an important component of a healthy natural smile, yet many people put off braces because they don’t think they can afford them. Others worry that braces will be painful. The good news is, the industry has changed and braces are no longer the only — or even the best — option. At Weninger Dentistry, we use EZ-Align to straighten teeth quickly and painlessly. Learn how it works and whether you’re a good candidate.

What is EZ-Align?

EZ-Align is a custom series of aligners made just for your mouth, which can treat common issues such as:

  • teeth overcrowding
  • teeth undercrowding
  • overbite or underbite
  • crooked teeth
  • gap teeth

EZ-Align is composed of a thin, BPA-free plastic that slides over your teeth and gently tugs them into proper alignment. There’s no metal and the plastic is nearly invisible, so if you’re looking for a discrete system for teeth alignment, this may be the perfect fit.

EZ-Align gradually shifts teeth into alignment, with each new set of aligners designed to move the teeth that much closer to a proper alignment. You’ll notice that your teeth are shifting but you won’t feel pain or discomfort, the way you would with braces.

To get results, you’ll need to wear the aligners for at least 20 hours a day. Leave the aligners in as you go about your day and even while you sleep. Remove the aligners before you eat or brush your teeth, then replace them as soon as you are finished.

Every two weeks until your teeth are in alignment, our dentist will replace the aligners with a fresh set, which is created from a mold of your current teeth. This way, we are able to capture all changes to your bite and alignment.

Is EZ-Align Right for You?

We recommend EZ-Align for adults and teenagers who want to straighten their teeth and do not want braces. We do not recommend the EZ-Align system for children, as they may be likely to lose the aligners.

Traditional braces often mean giving up on favorite foods that can become stuck in the metal wires, such as popcorn or apples. With EZ-Align, you can eat whatever you like so there’s no feeling of sacrifice.

Our patients love the simplicity of EZ-Align for teeth alignment. They also love the near invisibility of the aligners. If you’re reluctant to invest in your smile because you don’t want anyone to know you’re correcting your smile, consider using our EZ-Align system.

Talk to Us About EZ-Align

If you’re interested in the results with a custom set of aligners, why not make an appointment to talk with our Tampa dentist about what to expect? We’ll look at your mouth and talk about how EZ-Align works. We’ll answer any questions you have, such as how long you can expect to wear the aligners or maintenance of your smile after treatment. To find out more or take the first step toward a healthy smile, contact us today.