Do You Have a Quality Dentist?

Do you have a quality dentist? If not you should – you deserve one! A good dentist cares about their patients and their dental practice.

You’ll be able to see evidence of this every time you visit your dental practice. Evidence of a good dental practice can be seen in details like the cleanliness of the office space to the happiness of the staff. You’ll also know if you’ve found a good dentist by the way you feel when you’ve left after a cleaning. Below, we’ve listed several qualities to look for in a good dentist.

Respects You As a Person and Patient

A good dentist shows respect in a variety of ways.

They respect your time. When you show up at the dental office, your visit should be efficient and your appointment should begin promptly at the appointed hour. This is how you know that your dentist respects your time and understands its value.

They respect your need for comfort. The office should have a comfortable chair and should be in a comfortable environment, free of discomforts like loud noises, harsh lighting, and other environmental factors that could negatively impact your experience as a patient.

They respect what you have to say. When you’re describing symptoms that you’re experiencing to your dentist, your dental professional should listen and engage. Do they ask questions? Are they looking you in the eye when you talk? These are all signs that your dentist respects who you are as a person.

Clean Office Space

It’s important for a dentist’s office to be clean, for a variety of reasons. First, dental offices should be clean because cleanliness can prevent infection. Dentistry should only be practiced in a clean environment.

Second, a clean office space is a comfortable office space. You shouldn’t have to sit through a dental procedure in an environment that doesn’t feel clean! You can assess cleanliness in your dental office just by observing the condition of the furniture, carpeting, walls, tools, and more.

Happy Staff

A dentist that treats their staff well is a dentist that cares. In addition, a dental office with happy staff is probably a dental office that is organized and thus low-stress. Pay attention to the staff at your dental office. If they seem unhappy, ask yourself why.

Offer Follow-up and Appointment Reminders

Appointment reminder postcards and emails are a small convenience, but reminders can make a big difference. If your dentist doesn’t offer reminders, you might forget important appointments!

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