Benefits of Regular 3D Imaging

When you want to know if there’s a problem with your teeth, you go to the dentist for an examination. Unfortunately, your dentist can’t see everything that’s going on in your mouth. Not all dental problems appear above the gums, in plain sight. Some problems, like certain diseases, or the growth of a crooked wisdom tooth, appear below the gums.

In the past, dentists used X-rays to produce pictures of everything happening inside the tissues of your mouth. Today, some more advanced dental offices use 3D imaging to get a glimpse of what’s happening inside your gums and teeth. Here’s what you need to know about 3D imaging, and how it can help you.

What Is 3D Imaging?

3D imaging uses a rotating X-ray arm to capture images of what’s happening inside your mouth. The X-ray arm puts the images together in 3D format to produce a concise, clear picture of what’s happening in your gums, bones, teeth and more.

3D imaging can be used to produce accurate measurements of your teeth, and can be used for a variety of purposes, not just diagnosis of a problem. In fact, 3D dental scans can be used to plan a surgery, evaluate the jaw and sinuses and more.

Why Dentists Suggest Regular 3D Imaging

Regular 3D imaging is the preferred method that many dentists use to identify problems happening in the mouth. Here’s why:

  • Fast. 3D imaging is fast, and can help patients find out what’s happening in their mouth quickly.
  • Accurate. Because 3D imaging is made up of many images in a 3D format, it’s a highly accurate form of imaging, and can be used for purposes like taking measurements.
  • Non-invasive. 3D imaging allows you to see below the gum line without ever making an incision. 3D imaging is comfortable for the patient.
  • Helps identify issues you can’t see in the mouth. Your dentist at Weninger Dentistry may not be able to see everything happening in the mouth just by looking, but with the help of the 3D imaging arm, they can identify problems that are otherwise unseen.

Make 3D Imaging At Weninger Dentistry a Part Of Your Dental Routine

When it’s time to get a dental checkup, it’s important to visit the dentist that has the ability to see what’s really going on in your mouth. At Weninger Dentistry, we use the latest dental technology to identify issues like cavities, infections and more.

Our 3D imaging equipment can help you stay on top of your oral hygiene. If you’re preparing for an upcoming surgery or installation of a dental appliance, it’s important to work with a dentist that can produce accurate images of your teeth.

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