Are Clear Aligners an Effective Teeth Straightening Option?

For decades, braces were the go-to dental tool for straightening misaligned teeth. Braces are still effective, and their effects were long-lasting. Unfortunately, braces aren’t without their problems. The shiny metallic appearance of braces can distract from the beauty of a smile, and leave dental patients itching to have braces removed.

In recent years, clear aligners have become an alternative to braces, but are they just as effective? If you have crooked or misaligned teeth, here’s what you need to know.

Most Effective in Correcting Minor to Moderate Misalignment

Clear aligners are definitely effective in correcting minor to moderate misalignment. Here’s how they work: the patient is given a set of aligners that gently shift the teeth toward the correct position. After wearing the aligners for a period of time, they’re given a new set of aligners that further shift the teeth. This process is repeated several times until the teeth are straight, and the goal is reached.

For more severe misalignment problems, braces are still the preferred tool. Most patients can’t tell if they’re a better candidate for braces or aligners, so consult your dentist for professional advice.

Benefits of Clear Aligners

If you’re a good candidate for clear aligners, there are many potential ways you could benefit from this dental tool.

Great for Adults

Aligners have many advantages over traditional braces, but perhaps the greatest advantage is that they’re very discreet. Clear aligners are made of a clear resin that’s virtually impossible to see from a distance, and are very difficult to see up close.

This makes aligners a preferred product for adults, who often feel too self-conscious to turn to braces for correcting crooked teeth. Clear aligners give adults a chance to correct orthodontic problems without drawing attention to their teeth or smile. This discretion also makes aligners a preferred product for teenagers who have the same feelings of self-consciousness as adults.

Can Be Removed from the Mouth from Time to Time

Traditional braces are easily damaged by hard or sticky foods. To avoid problems, patients wearing braces are instructed not to eat certain foods. Braces also trap food against the teeth, making it difficult to keep the teeth clean.

Clear aligners solve both of these problems by being removable. Whether eating or cleaning your teeth, you can take clear aligners out. This enables people who wear clear aligners to continue eating all their favorite foods. They also struggle less to keep their teeth clean, and can easily floss.

Less Likely to Damage Mouth Tissue

There’s one more advantage that clear aligners have over traditional braces: they’re less likely to damage the tissues in the mouth. Braces are made up of brackets and wires, and people who wear braces sometimes have small cuts in their mouth as a result. Clear aligners are comparatively much more gentle.

Weninger Dentistry Can Help!

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