6 Month Smiles®

Many of the patients we see in our Tampa dental office ask about options for adults who want straighten misaligned teeth. The first treatment option that commonly comes to mind is traditional braces. In many cases, adults cannot or do not want to invest the time and funds required for this complex orthodontic process. Fortunately there is another option for adults who wish to have straighter teeth – 6 Month Smiles®.

6 Month Smiles offers a practical solution for adults who want to have their teeth straightened without using traditional orthodontic treatments. The 6 month Smiles process involves the use of clear brackets with tooth-colored memory wires, which are nearly invisible when positioned over the teeth. In most cases, as the name implies, teeth are realigned over a 6 month period.

The primary objective of 6 Month Smiles treatment is to provide patients with their desired smile in a relatively short period of time. The focus is on correction and realignment of crooked, overcrowded, or imperfectly spaced teeth. 6 Month Smiles may also be used to treat issues such as overbites, reverse smiles, high canines, intrusions, rotations and more.

The 6 Month Smiles treatment process uses translucent Lucid-Lok™ memory wires and brackets that blend seamlessly with a patient’s existing tooth structure. This provides consistent levels of force to align and straighten teeth through a gentle approach. The specialized shape and structure of the memory wires work together with pre-positioned brackets to realign teeth predictably and comfortably.

Benefits of the Treatment

  • Typical patient treatment times takes around 6 months
  • Tooth-colored wires and brackets are barely noticeable
  • More cost-efficient than traditional braces, veneers, and aligners.
  • Proven results two to three times faster than conventional methods
  • Provides increased safety, comfort, and oral hygiene
  • Offers a consistent and predictable outcome and optimum results
  • Quick and comfortable treatment appointments

Wondering if 6 Month Smiles may be right for you? Weninger Dentistry is a knowledgeable and experienced provider of the 6 Month Smiles treatment process in the Tampa Area. Schedule an appointment today to learn more!