4 Reasons Why You May Be Afraid of the Dentist

Many people feel anxious when they go to the dentist. If you have this problem, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, for some people, dental anxiety can prevent them from seeing the dentist when they need to go.

Identifying why you feel anxious around the dentist is a first step toward reducing your anxiety and making your next visit to the dentist easier. Below are four common reasons that people feel anxious when they go to the dentist.

1. Past Experiences

Many people develop fears because of previous experiences. If you’re afraid of the dentist, then this may be due to an experience that involved pain or anxiety in anticipation of pain.

Maybe you had a toothache and were afraid the dentist would make it worse, or perhaps you had a bad cavity growing up, and that created a powerful memory that leaves you feeling anxious every time you think about going to the dentist.

One of the ways to get over these fears is to discuss them with your dentist. Your dentist can make suggestions for managing your fears, and may even be able to help you create new positive memories. It only takes a few low-stress trips to the dentist to override your fears.

2. Your Procedures Didn’t Go As Expected

Maybe you thought you knew what was going to happen when you visited the dentist, but the procedure went differently than you anticipated. Misinformation about dental procedures is a common problem. If you spend your time surfing the Internet, you’ll find a lot of people sharing their experiences – and those experiences may not be applicable to your situation.

The best way to ensure that you’re informed when you head into a dental procedure is to ask your dentist as many questions as possible. A good dentist will prioritize good communication, which in turn can help you anticipate what you can expect moving forward.

3. Naturally Anxious

If you’re an anxious person, then it’s only natural that you would feel anxiety around your upcoming dental procedures. Use meditation or breathing techniques to help calm your fears and manage your stress. If you need to, bring a friend or a family member with you to sit by your side while you’re at the dentist.

4. Doctors Scare You

Some people feel naturally afraid around doctors, dentists, and medical professionals. Tell your dentist about your anxieties. A good dentist will have ideas and techniques for calming your fears. Your dentist may suggest bringing headphones and music to your next appointment, or may offer to use a medical intervention such as sedation dentistry.

Try Sedation Dentistry at Weninger Dentistry in FL

If you feel very anxious when you go to the dentist, one of the things you can do to overcome those feelings is to try sedation dentistry. With treatments like nitrous oxide, dentists can help patients relax during their time spent in the dentist chair.

At Weninger Dentistry, we provide sedation dentistry to our patients. Learn more about this helpful service by calling our office. We’ll be happy to answer your questions or make an appointment for your upcoming dental visit.