3 Tips to Combat Dental Anxiety

Going to the dentist is a healthy activity, but for some people, it can provoke excruciating anxiety. Fortunately, there are many ways that you can combat dental anxiety and have a calmer and more relaxing visit to the dentist.

At Weninger Dentistry in Tampa, we help dental patients overcome their anxiety through natural stress relief techniques. Going to the dentist can be a rewarding and low-stress experience. Below are some suggestions to relieve your anxiety about visiting the dentist.

Find an Experienced, Reliable Dentist

A skilled, reliable dentist will have experience working with patients who feels fear about the dentist. The longer your dentist has been helping patients maintain healthy teeth and gums, the more experience they’ll have helping patients to feel relaxed when they visit.

Contact dentists in your area. Ask questions like:

  • How do you help patients overcome dental anxiety?
  • What techniques do you think are most effective to help patients relax when they arrive for their appointment?
  • What do you do to create a calming environment for patients?

If you encounter dental professionals who don’t have good answers to these questions, move along to a professional who can provide thoughtful, clear answers to these questions.

Communication Is Key

Your dentist can’t help you overcome your anxiety if they’re not aware that you have a problem. Once you’ve chosen a dental professional to visit, talk to your dentist before your first appointment to tell them how you feel. Your dentist may suggest ways that you can overcome your fears, such as:

  • Take breaks during your dental appointment. Taking breaks during your dental appointment can help break up your feelings of anxiousness to make the experience more manageable.
  • Listen to a podcast. Bring your smartphone and headphones to listen to a favorite podcast or piece of music to help you transport to another place in your mind while the appointment is taking place.
  • Create a signal that you need to stop. Work with your dentist to create a signal you’ll both understand that means you need a break.

Stress Relief Practices

Stress relief practices like guided imagery and guided meditation can help keep your stress levels low before and during your dental appointment.

Guided imagery is a recorded description that helps you imagine calming sensory-rich images, like waves lapping on a beach or wind rustling through the trees. During guided meditation, a narrator will take you through the steps of meditation to help you be mindful of your breath, body, and emotional state.

You can listen to guided imagery and guided meditation while you’re in your appointment and in the moments leading up to your appointment.

Contact Your Dentist at Weninger Dentistry

Want more suggestions for staying calm during your next dental appointment in Tampa? We’re here to help. Call Weninger Dentistry today to discuss your upcoming appointment and what you can do.