Regular Dental implants Or Mini Dental implants?

There are two primary types of dental implants – standard implants and mini dental implants. Each has benefits, depending on the needs of the patient. Both types of dental implants can be used to solve either cosmetic or medical issues. The experts at Weninger Dentistry can assist you in determining the best option for you, to get you that perfect smile.

There are some advantages mini dental implants offer over standard implants. Since they are placed as one piece, mini implants can be placed immediately, usually during one visit. Placing mini implants is a simpler, less invasive procedure, so the implant site heals much faster. Typically, mini implants are lower cost dental implants than standard dental implants.

As with standard implants, mini implants have limitations. Mini dental implants cannot be placed where there is bone loss or not enough vertical bone to support them. Mini implants typically cannot be placed at the extraction site, if teeth are extracted immediately before implant placement. When comparing mini dental implants to standard implants, strength is another consideration. The force exerted by daily biting, chewing, and teeth grinding may increase failure rate of mini implants and make standard dental implants a better option.

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Mini Dental Implants


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