Danielle HazenDanielle Hazen, Receptionist & Treatment Plan Coordinator
For the last 15 years, Danielle has been in the dental field. She is a Tampa native who is very passionate about her career. Danielle was an office manager in a dental practice on the East Coast of Florida for many years. However, she decided to return to Tampa to be closer to family and we’re sure glad she did! Danielle is the first person you will meet when you call or visit Weninger Dentistry. Whether she is helping a patient with dental anxiety, setting up their first appointment or providing detailed breakdowns for a treatment plan, you will find Danielle to be kind and helpful.

Danielle enjoys working at Weninger Dentistry because of the family oriented atmosphere and the great care they provide for patients. Danielle is truly a valuable member of our team.

Debbie MartinezDebbie Martinez, Dental Hygienist
For 34 years, Debbie has been in the dental field…she almost can’t believe it herself! Debbie is a Tampa, FL native and truly enjoys her career. When she began thinking about her career path, Debbie first started out wanting to pursue a career in elementary education. However, she adored going to her dentist and orthodontist and thought it would be a great way to care for others. Plus she “loves smiles”. Debbie focuses on goals to improve and maintain oral health and help Weninger Dentistry’s patients as much as she can!

Debbie loves the staff at Weninger Dentistry and the variety of dental options available to patients. We’re happy she chose the dental path!

Rachel BlancoRachel Blanco, Dental Hygienist
Rachel is a Tampa, FL native and has been in the dental field for over 21 years! Rachel adores helping people and wants patients to feel good about their smile and overall oral health. Rachel knows that a great patient is an educated one. It’s important to her to teach patients the best way to keep their teeth and gums clean and live a long & happy life.

Rachel enjoys the husband and wife team at Weninger Dentistry and how the whole team strives for the best dental care for their patients. Rachel is a great asset to this team!

Monique HazenMonique Molette Hazen, Dental Assistant
Monique was born and raised in Tampa, FL. She was inspired by her own dentist – her dad! He was able to get her involved in the dental field and she has been working in dentistry ever since. Monique’s goal is to continue her education in dentistry and strive to provide the best patient care. She enjoys comforting and reassuring patient’s to make sure their visits are always pleasant.

Monique enjoys working at Weninger Dentistry because of how well everyone works together and how the team always strives to make each patient feel welcome, safe and at ease. We are elated that Monique is a member of our caring team.

Heather BuntynHeather Buntyn, Dental Assistant
Heather, born in Dade City, FL, has been in the dental field for over 3 years. She chose to work in the field of dentistry because it was very interesting to her and a nice way to help people stay healthy! She also loves the flexibility that comes with working in a doctor’s office. Heather takes pride in informing and teaching the patients at Weninger Dentistry and loves to help them feel comfortable during their visit.

Heather loves working at Weninger Dentistry because of her friendly, upbeat co-workers! And we love her for the same reason.